The classes that I teach are most often based in the Hatha Yoga tradition as passed on to me by my teachers. “Ha” means SUN and “tha” means MOON, which refers to the balance of the masculine (active, hot, sun) and the feminine aspects (receptive, cool, moon) within us. Yoga is the process of interweaving opposites and in class we work towards a slow, deep balance between these two.
My classes begin with an energetic direction + personal inquiry, mindful breathing, gentle warm-up, several rounds of Surya Namaskar, followed by 3 complete sequences of poses with a specific focus in mind, we then cool down and round out the practice with a 5-10 minute savasana to end. 

My classes are for you if you wish to:
-enter into an environment for self reflection and deep inquiry
-practice mindfulness through movement, breath and stillness
-relieve physical tension, tightness
-increase flexibility, mobility and strength
-(new yogis) learn in a safe and instructive environment
-(experienced yogis) dive into a deeper understanding of the more subtle articulations of the postures
You have all that you need. Begin.

Monday @Golden Buddha Yoga
930-11am Hatha
730pm Beginners Series (January only)

Tuesday @Golden Buddha Yoga
930-11am Vinyasa

Wednesday @Golden Buddha Yoga
930-11am Slow + Strong

Thursday @Golden Buddha Yoga
9:30-11AM Vinyasa

Sunday @Golden Buddha Yoga
8-930am Slow & Strong
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There’s one chapter in Wind, Sand & Stars in which, without defining it, Saint Exupéry talks about love as love has never been talked about before—in simple childlike terms. He says, ‘Perhaps love is the process of my leading you gently back to yourself.” I have always hesitated to define love because I see love as limitless, and as you become bigger and more beautiful and more expansive so does love. And so to limit it by a definitions seemed really bad. But I like Saint Exupéry’s definition, and I believe that maybe this is what teaching is and certainly this is what counseling is- a process not of my wanting to make you over in my image as I would desire you but my wanting to lead you back to yourself, to what you are, to your uniqueness, to your original beauty.